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Entry #104

Not doing much these days.

2016-09-09 01:19:21 by MintPaw

Still programming, but mostly for school and stuff, but if you need me, PMs go to my email.

EDIT (11/19/16): Quick update, I'm gonna drop out of school soon to do game dev full time on a secret project. I don't use NG enough to justify making new news posts, so I'll just edit this one with updates every few months/years.

EDIT (5/31/17): Dropped out of school, although I'm doing pretty well due to a my secret Patreon project, I'll post it one day.


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2017-01-09 22:43:04

Damn, son. How far along were you in school that you could drop out? And what was it in?

MintPaw responds:

I'm in the 3rd of my 4-5 year computer science degree. I decided to actually hedge my bets and just do half-time this semester. I just hate school. :P


2017-01-25 14:25:43

heyo, it's been a while! remember that gamejam game we did? good times

MintPaw responds:

Yeah, it's been a while, what are you up to?


2017-01-29 07:18:50

not much, school bullshit, working on a couple animations of podcast excerpts in my free time. Applying to universities at the moment, so I'll hopefully be going there in a year or two


2017-04-29 23:36:38


MintPaw responds:



2017-07-05 05:51:57

good job! Hope you ar well